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We are all about Fashion Creation

Fashion Books Online has been developed by SITAM-AB Fashion School in Greece, which since 1970 provides training courses, methodologies and unique work tools for fashion and clothing.

This fashion books website has been developed with great enthousiasm  by our design and technology team, in orderto provide  to you all the tools, templates and books that will allow you to learn everything about the art of making your own clothes in a simplified and quick way.

SITAM-AB has developed a strong European and International Profile. It takes part in international fashion and design exhibitions such as IGEDO in Dusseldorf, Herrenmode in Koln, Euromode – Textilia and Furnidec in Thessaloniki, various European Biennale, the international eLearning conference in Karlsruhe. It participates in the International Young Designers Fashion Shows in England (Kent Institute of Art and Design) and Holland (Katholike University in Niechmegen) with the aim of promoting creativity and innovation in Design and giving opportunities to young graduates.

Find out more about Sitam-AB group and its activities:

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