Pattern Making for Perfect Fit & Style – Menswear & Childrenswear



Pattern making for Menswear & Childrenswear. This simple method uses the AB Template with scales for both personalized and industrial pattern making.

All the basic styles for each garment sector, are analysed and illustrated to help you master the art of pattern making for Menswear & Childrenswear in the shortest possible time with the best results.

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Menswear and Childrenswear are addressed together in this publication for convenience. These subjects although different in styles, share some common approaches, in the use of the AB tools. The AB tools help make a number of particular basic blocks, like the ‘simple bodice block’, the trousers’ block etc. in the same way but on different sizing tables, for each garment sector.


For both Menswear and Childrenswear there are two distinct sections.

In the first section, you will find all the corresponding measurement tables and the relevant basic pattern blocks, with step by step instructions on how to construct them  with the use of the AB Template.


Mens pattern making

In the second section Style Applications you will find a collection of styles of different garment parts that will help you understand the principles of block manipulation for the creation of a well balanced garment style. For each garment a number of style variations are provided. These style variations aim to help understand the process of style creation and designing of a collection.


In most basic garments you will also find the lay-out preview with all the pattern pieces and assembly instructions for making-up.

Styles include wherever needed drawings and information on

  • Technical Drawings,
  • The back
  • Making up and Sewing details,
  • The pattern preview with all the pattern pieces for making up.


Childrens patternsIn both Menswear and Childrenswear parts you will find the content both with classic and new garment styles but also with distinct grouping of the major garment types. This helps to identify common features in a garment and to categorise possible design solutions.  You will also find included in most basic garments, the lay-out preview with all the pattern pieces for the making-up. These are the pattern pieces you will need for the assembly process.


Have fun making your own clothes and enjoy wearing and showing off your own creations.

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