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The Telestia Trainer: Sewing Course is structured in sections so that you can learn the basic issues related to industrial sewing.  From safety issues, technical machine information and basic stitches and seams right up to the most complex sewing operations and procedures, you can acquire the skills to sew any garment operation and master the garment assembly process.

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Available in English, French, German and Greek.

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The Telestia Trainer: Sewing Course has 60 garment operations, 9 full garment cases, over 30 lining and interlining operations, 35 seams and finishes and over 100 pressing operations,

You can study and learn each of the processes focusing on the:

– detailed technical analysis,

– 3D video summary of procedures,

– real-time close-up video of the full making up process,

– interlinking with lining,

– interlining and pressing information


The Telestia Trainer courses are indispensable tools of information, learning and communication for the Industry, and the Education sector as well as for the keen hobbyist.

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English, Greek, German, French

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